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Vero Beach Airport Transportation is Cheaper than Uber or Lyft?

Need a reliable ride to the airport? Are you confused on whether to select Uber, Lyft or contact the services of Vero Beach Airport Transportations in solving your transportation worries to West Palm? Well Uber or Lyft is a convenient app to have on your phone however it’s not the most practical nor smartest choice to solve your transportation needs on a budget.

What you are about to discover on this ride is why contacting the services of Vero Beach Airport Transportation is better than Uber or Lyft. Kindly use your seat belt, relax your mind and enjoy this interesting ride.

The benefits attributable to Vero Beach Airport Transportations are as follow:

  • SAFETY. At Vero Beach Airport Transportations, your safety is of utmost priority to us. In a bid to ensure this, we carry out comprehensive background check on our chauffeurs before employing them and we also require them to undergo comprehensive and intensive training before allowing them to get behind the wheel. We always send a dedicated driver for every scheduled pick up, our chauffeurs always endeavor to create a friendly relationship with clients, and we also offer our clients the opportunity to request the same driver at all time.

From the above, it can be objectively established that Vero Beach Airport Transportation are as committed to service as Uber and Lyft but is cheaper.

  • POCKET FRIENDLINESS. With us, you will find flat rate of $75 anywhere in Vero to West Palm Beach airports. Ubers fare estimator will give you an estimated price of $79, but it does not take into consideration additional costs that may be incurred. There are cases where Uber riders have reported sudden price hikes as a result of traffic jam and other unexpected road hazards. On the other hand, Lyft is known to charge $78 for the same travel.


  • CONVINIENCE. When you book with Vero Beach Airport Transportations, your driver will wait for you and get you to your destination as quickly as possible, our chauffeurs will offer free luggage help before and after your ride. On a toll basis, we can handle picking up the friends and families of our clients anytime they are staying in West Palm. At Vero Beach Airport Transportations, we focuse on customer service, offering professional service is of utmost priority to us. With us, be assured of a stress free, and relaxing ride while you comfortably read your book or relax.


  • INSURANCE.  At Vero Beach Airport Transportations, we cover our vehicles and drivers with ample insurance through our company. Almost anyone can drive a Uber or Lyft, all that you need is a smartphone and a car, this fact exposes the passengers to a lot of risks, of which driver insurance is not the least.

Now that you can see the competitive advantages which Vero Beach Airport Transportations have above Uber and Lyft, please visit us to make your reservations or call (888) 614-2950. Thank you!